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Do you feel like you are being robbed of fun and joy in your life?

The sad part is, there are so many women just struggling to get through the day! You might know someone like one of these women and it may even be you:

Katie, the Caretaker, slowly losing her life

She’s approaching 50 but it feels like 70. Her 3 kids and husband can’t believe how much she does and how strong she is. She cleans and runs the house, hoping they don’t notice how hard it is for her.

Waking up is a daily struggle, there’s no energy left in her body. She hardly looks in the mirror these days. The luster in her hair is gone and her clothes just don’t fit like they used too. She’s longing for energy, radiant skin and losing 15 pounds.


Paula, the struggling professional

She’s 35, living the big city life, but despite all the nice clothes and make-up she feels dead inside. Her confidence is gone and she’s worried her health problems might scare men away.

Her friends and family DON’T want to be around her when it’s that time of the month. And she knows her Gynecologist on a first name basis due to her frequent UTI’s. She’s frustrated with her lack of libido and ashamed that she can’t do anything about it.

Do you know anyone like this? Have you felt their sadness?

Don’t worry because there IS hope. You can enjoy a life of health that you previously only wished for – you can do it and I can help!

Are you tired, fatigued, and dependent on caffeine?

If you’re relying on coffee to get through the day or struggling with the afternoon crash, you know how much this can slow down your life and make things miserable.

There’s a lot of different ways that we make energy in the body, but one of the key control systems for energy production is the hormonal system itself. But it’s very rare that the hormones just fall apart on their own. They are generally responding to some kind of stress. The hormonal system response can be just as hard on your hormones as a stressful marriage or a job you hate.

Are you far too overweight?

If you’re not comfortable with how your body looks and feels, you’re not alone. Whether it’s those skinny jeans that never fit, or the “spare tire” that just won’t go away… almost 62% of Americans are overweight. This makes you feel less than sexy and robs you of your mojo!

Do your hormones make you crazy?

PMS and sex hormone problems are not normal… yet in 2001, over 45 Million prescriptions were written in the US for hormone replacement therapy medications!

Low sex drive as well as cramping, bloating, PCOS, and other female hormone problems are ruining lives.

But the truth is: sex hormones don’t just spontaneously bottom out on a person. We are designed for survival and reproduction and everything in your body is oriented towards having good sex hormone levels. So if the sex hormones are dropping it’s because something happened to them. And for PMS type problems, the ovaries don’t conspire against a woman and all of a sudden her progesterone and estrogen level drop, there’s always an underlying cause.

When you’ve lost your moxie and have constant stressors, it can have the same hormonal system response to losing a loved one.

The key to feeling great, losing weight and getting your moxie back is to use a multi-pronged approach. Focus on lowering stress, eating a better diet and using high quality – proven – supplements.

Now if that overwhelms you, you’re not alone. Trust me, it can be done, with custom step-by-step instructions to make the process all work with your body’s natural ability to heal.


28 Day JumpStart:

In this one-on-one 28-day coaching program you’ll receive personalized support and practical tools to begin to slim down naturally, while gaining new insights into your relationship with food. Plus, I’ll show you how to find the time to implement your healthy habits without needing to quit your job or cut back on sleep to do it. You’ll have my one-on-one attention and support the whole way, so you can burst through any roadblocks that may have kept you stuck in the past.

90 Day Premier Intensive:

This 3-month program is for you if you are ready to dig deep and commit fully to seeing major changes in the way you look, feel, and relate to food. I’ll walk you step by step through my customized system for having an amazing life and a body to match. We’ll meet weekly and create your customized plan for getting the results you’ve always wanted.

VIP Custom Coaching:

This is the program for you if you are ready to go ALL IN and see major results in your body and your life. It’s the program if you want to commit to making your results stick for good, while establishing the lifestyle, habits and know-how needed to never have to buy another diet or wellness program again.